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‘Request for Exhumation’: QuadrigaCX Creditors Ask for Proof That Cotten Is Dead

“Enclosed please find a detailed compilation (the ‘Background Material’, at Schedule ‘A’) of publicly available information on the history of Quadriga, Gerald Cotten...

US Authorities Allege SIM Swapping Thief Bought Music Royalties, Jewelry, With Crypto

Court documents allege that Pennsylvania resident Anthony Faulk hijacked a crypto company executive's phone, stealing crypto and using the proceeds for an expensive...

TokenSoft Scores SEC Transfer Agent Registration to Build ‘Automated Investment Bank’

Transfer agents act as intermediaries for parties in stock transactions. They can engage in activities like providing stock transfer services, book entries, order...

Netherlands Plans to Punish Crypto Scammers With Up to 6 Years in Jail

The Dutch government is about to get tougher with fraudulent schemes involving banking apps and cryptocurrencies. Source link

D-Wave and NEC Partner to Create ‘Hybrid’ Quantum Applications

“Japan is the birthplace of quantum annealing and has remained a global leader in quantum application development,” said Alan Baratz, D-Wave executive VP...